About Hammond Insurance

Hammond Insurance Services dates back to April of 1983. My father, Roger Hammond, and a buddy of his, Eugene “Chip” Foster (1950-2003) decided to venture out on their own as partners to start an independent insurance agency - “Hammond & Foster.” My grandfather gave them a small loan, and our living room promptly converted from the TV room to the office. The TV, couch, and recliner were replaced with folding tables, filing cabinets, and phone lines strewn across the floor. We grew up in an apple orchard - four of us brothers working the orchard for sustenance while Dad and Chip built the business. The early years were tough. When they could afford a real office, Dad moved a cot in with them. I remember answering the house phone at odd hours to folks who had just gotten into an accident or whose house was on fire. A really special treat for me would be when I got to ride out in the middle of the night with Dad. We’d go to meet a family while their house was still smoldering, or meet families who were standing in three feet of water. As unfortunate as the losses were, I was proud to be there watching my father play the role of the insurance guy. The person who rushed in to make everything alright, or at the very least, help to start the rebuilding. He was the comforter that would tell a business owner or a family that it’s going to be okay - we got this..
As a teenager watching my dad at community functions - be it serving chicken for the church or assisting at Rotary functions - I realized that the insurance agent genuinely plays a vital role in the community. It was my family’s identity. Today, 35 years later, Mr. Foster has passed and my dad is living out retirement in Charleston, SC, but their legacy lives on through my brother Daryl, through me, and through our wonderful staff. While we have grown into a leading provider of risk management solutions for much of Central Virginia in 7 different locations, our integrity, passion, and desire to serve our community hasn’t changed. Thank you for visiting our page - I look forward to being of service,
- Dain T. Hammond